OK Here's the deal: I don't travel with a camera, so I have very few pictures to share with you. Rick, on the other hand, took lots when we were together. So why don't you mail him and get him to send them to me, or what's better, scan and post them here himself? Until then, all I have to offer is the following (which really only make sense along with the stories on the other page.) The captions link to their respective tales.

Desi1 from Jakarta

Me, Jimmy and Ole on the beach, xmas day

Our group to see the eclipse (that's me lying on the mini, and Jack in the black tanktop)

Me and the two Canadian girls on Jack's veranda the morning of the eclipse, wishing we could sleep (same story)

Here's a 200% enlargement of a postcard home (if I can write it, they can read it)...the beginning of the same eclipse story.